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Whatsapp Marketing in Tirunelveli

Nellai Infotech is one of the best whatsapp marketing company in Tirunelveli. We Provide Expert solutions to our clients and Cheapest bulk whatsapp markerting service in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India. Whatsapp is giving great avenue for small business owners to interact with their current clients and also get new customers in Tirunelveli.

Whatsapp marketing is to reach out to customers a Brand otherwise has no access to. Lead generation process through Whatsapp marketing has also proven to be effective given the low investments required. since almost all people check there whatsapp once they get a alert sound. Almost 70% of smart phone mobile user will have whatsapp installed.

Whatsapp Marketing Features:

Whatsapp Marketing is the cheapest method to reach your entire customer with your product detail video. If you need to market your product with text, image, video, audio then whatsapp marketing is the best tool.

  • Whatsapp text
  • Whatsapp image
  • Whatsapp audio
  • Whatsapp video
  • Whatsapp PDF

You can send 1500 character of text message with combination of 1 images or 1 video or 1 audio in a single whatsapp marketing software. Whatsapp message services supports the different languages like Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati, English, Hindi, Bengali etc.

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